Audacious: Uncaging Your Authentic Self

by Bishoy Tadros


Whether you’re founding a startup or working your way up a Fortune 500, the business world often feels like a straitjacket you’re forced to wear. Plenty of people subscribe to “We’ve always done it this way.” You want to break the mold, yet everyone around you is content with the tried-and-true way of doing things. You start to question yourself: Am I the one who’s crazy? Is this the way I have to operate in order to succeed?

In this groundbreaking book, author Bishoy Tadros dives into the heart of these tough questions. He challenges the reader to become something more than a sterile clone of everyone else. Instead, it’s time to be Audacious—to go deep inside yourself and share your most cherished dreams with the world. It’s time to achieve the unthinkable.

On his top-rated podcast, Mile 40, Bishoy talks with successful leaders who’ve gone through the crucible of facing setbacks and rising above them. They actively seek their true place in business, designing a role for themselves—whether it’s within an existing structure or on their own. You’ll learn hard-won wisdom such as these key qualities:

• How true vulnerability is not a weakness but a connection with your inner self.

• How authenticity is informed by honesty and embracing your mistakes.

• How persistence against the toughest odds, step by step, propels you forward.

• How resilient people, like diamonds, reveal their potential by withstanding pressure.

• How adaptability means being comfortable with the unknown of constant change.

Audacious: Uncaging Your Authentic Self empowers you to set huge goals for yourself at work and beyond, to live life on your own terms. By unleashing your inner audacity, you can separate yourself from the pack and take the bold steps required to accomplish your grandest ambitions. This is a life-changing book that will reveal the true person within you, inspiring you to greater heights in every aspect of your life