In Your Career, Win With the Cards You’re Dealt

It’s easy to judge a book by its’ cover, to look at a person’s LinkedIn profile and think they must have had a fast start or they’re just “really smart”. Let me stop you right there! My career journey started at 15 at a McDonalds where I lasted two weeks and then after realizing I’m […]

A Fitness Journey: “Difficult” Became Normal

Bishoy Life Coach host of Mile 40 Running Podcast wearing medals

I’ve found myself time and again staring down the face of daunting circumstances; moments which call for difficult and timely decisions. “Difficult” became regular even if it was subconscious and my threshold for pain was rising. Over time, I was slowly building up an immunity to the fear of discomfort because I would only worry about what was […]

When I Think About Mentorship, I Associate Servant Leadership

One of my most memorable mentors wasn’t a coach, manager, or a relative. I believe we were universally attracted to each other as rebel talents bridging a generational gap. He was likely around my father’s age and he worked for JP Morgan during my tenure. He lived in Michigan but would frequent the New York City Headquarters […]

Need to Know to Make the Job Leap Across industries!

Do you feel stuck in a job that isn’t the least bit fulfilling? Are you questioning if you’ll ever be able to work a role that complements your innate skill set? For example: Are you working behind screens all day knowing full well you would excel (no pun intended) in front of clients? Have you […]