Bishoy Tadros wants to inspire a motivational marathon for his audience for growth and transformation
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Bishoy’s professional success across industries was founded on his ability to captivate an audience no matter how large or small. When writing “Break Barriers“, Bishoy made it a point to think of every potential reader and he remained purposeful in his objective to relate to all of his readers. 

Since publishing Break Barriers, Bishoy has been engaged by various companies, universities, and organization alike to come in and share his insights and findings to inspire and educate audiences on his formula for success in battling life’s obstacles.

Bishoy’s lessons have inspired executives to realize the power of servant leadership, sales teams to be audacious in the pursuit of their goals, and individuals of all background to fearlessly stare down obstacles in pursuit of their ambitions.

Speaking Engagements

Bishoy Tadros is an international motivational speaker, business strategy consultant, and milestone coach. Bishoy is the author of Break Barriers; How Setbacks Can Dare You Rather Than Define You. He is passionate about helping people live more fulfilling lives through his three pillars (Patience, Perspective and Purpose).

Milestone Coaching

We all have goals and aspirations, many of which may seem daunting at first. Thinking about running your first marathon, writing your first book, or how about opening up your own business or making that next move in your career? Then milestone coaching might be right for you!

Bishoy shares stories on marathon motivation, becoming an author, growing your business, or advancing your career.

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